Some thoughts about the current crisis


These thoughts are supposed to make some order in my own vision of the current economic situation. Given the present interference of politicians into economical processes, this mission has to embrace the political consideration as well.

In fact, two sources of information triggered some logical discomfort, that eventually activated the desire to make some sense from the chaotic information about the crisis feeding the surrounding environment (and, henceforth, to some extent my brains).

The first source is the article about the origin of the crisis written in Russian and circulating on the Internet. The second source, which is seemingly of very different nature from the aforementioned article, is the movie “Bourne Ultimatum”. Despite the difference, there is a remarkable similarity. Both propagate an idea of omnipotence, almost Almightiness, of some super entity governing the humankind. In one case this an organization of financial capitalists, and in the case of movie this is the government and its secret services. The movie’s plot is this. The government secret agency controls everything in the world. It is a humanized but essentially ruthless and Almighty mechanism, so that nobody (and this is the main idea of this artistic (really?) byproduct) could even think of that it is possible to counteract against this body. Here, we can see the same high level of abstraction servicing the noble mission to restrict further the area of habitation of native western dwellers, whose allowable mind domains are already squeezed to the size of a poppy seed.

In fact, we cannot articulate anything else with regard to the movie, because what was said completely covers its dynamic, but annoying content. So, the lesson to be learned is that we, the ordinary people, are ultimately manipulated and controlled by those all-powerful super organizations.


Now, the article. Thesis number one. The crisis has been plotted and very skillfully and ruthlessly implemented by financial capitalists in order to seize the power and impose their control onto the world resources and the economy. It is certainly true that governments, which in most cases are extensions of their influential powers, such as financial capital or defense and military establishments, work really hard to form and shape the life of other countries to their liking, and even the whole world, if they have enough resources to do so. Presently, the stimuli behind this appalling activity are pragmatic and boring. Everything evolves around money, resources, profiteering, power, more power, in order to get more money, resources, power, and more power, in order to get more money… And so on. All on the same old beaten circular track on which the humankind runs from its mere origin, with few very short exceptions, on the scale of history.

Of course, in case of Russia and other countries this component, meaning the discouraging results of agile international activity of the most influential and unscrupulous countries, certainly and undoubtedly presents. How strong? Well, apparently strong and noticeable, but not ultimately strong and all-powerful. It is a normal dialectical process of struggle between many interests and parties on both, or even multilateral, sides. Neither financial capitalists, nor military elite or anything else are uniform entities cemented with army discipline and iron fist. Not at all. The contradictions within those, in fact, often very loosely organized, entities are strong, numerous, and in many instances even of irrational nature. These are just people, who used to work and specialize in certain area, and that is about it. They are as human as any other human being is. The principal unpredictability of many constituting factors, the scale and complexity of the socio-ecomico-political phenomena they are supposed so miraculously to plot and implement around the globe is such that no human mind principally can do this. Overall, this article’s thesis is of the order of magnitude exaggeration, although the phenomenon itself exists.


The article’s theses number two. The dollar has no real value because all last decades its emission and distribution in the whole world have been based on Ponzi scheme. Then, the inference is made that every Ponzi scheme is plagued to blow up at some point. In general, this is a valid assertion with regard to such sort of frauds on the scale of some big investment fund. However, in the dollar case we have qualitatively different entity, which is the whole country servicing its clients around the whole world. So, the fact number one is that in this case the whole world deals not with a regular Ponzi scheme, but faces a different phenomenon that in many respects evolves according to different laws, or rules (whatever) than the classical fraud scheme with which it is associated. This set of rules not completely different, but it is different enough to produce a new quality. So, such a categorical statement that the dollar’s building, or castle in the sky, whatever notion is more adequate to you, has to collapse, is not well grounded, and is based solely on the assumption that the dollar situation is a typical Ponzi scheme, which is not true. They still have many degrees of freedom to continue to support the existing situation, which no Ponzi scheme can have.


The third thesis of this article is that the most likely remedy to fix the financial situation is a war, or even the War. Such a profound decision will allow controlling masses, create an excuse for the dollar collapse and make more money. With this regard, there is a controversial statement in the article arguing that the Western public has to preserve a high level of living in order to be controlled, and that was the whole idea of the western economic miracle. The war will break this paradigm and dare consequences can easily occur.  People used to repeat the solutions that worked before, for many reasons, especially if the historical arsenal provides plenty of them. It is much safer to organize the war on the outskirts using provocations. This is plausible, safe and technically well supported by the diverse network of secret agencies, military power and propaganda machine that can sand and wash brains up to the fine level of details all over the world. Why to invent anything else when all these instruments work so well? Of course, there is a chance in this situation that people will do something stupid just for the hell of it, and the likelihood of such an exodus cannot be discarded completely, but the “peaceful” (let us put it this way) alternative overweight  heavily. The people, who grabbed the power recently, are like Romans with this regard, which were famous for being very good at making other people to die for them.

So, the world largely will continue to live without really great events, but not without events at all. It will be gradually, but not very slowly, becoming a worse and gloomier place to live at, and it will be more unstable, somewhat shaky and spasmodic, and more uncertain. The social differentiation will continue, and will acquire new forms originating on the basis of more forceful control of the whole society, and deteriorating quality of life. This deterioration may not, and most likely will not, change the material life substantially, but significant changes will occur in the social, educational, cultural and other seemingly less tangible but, in fact, very influential domains of the human life. These changes will set the chains of many non-remarkable events, all working in the same degradation direction of the whole society. So, the humankind will get to its usual track and will continue this way changing its societal foundations. It will be neither purely revolutionary nor strictly evolutionary; in fact, both ways will be exploited, on different levels. It may happen that the world will loose much of its intellectual potential, and it is not clear that a critical mass of thinkers will be available in order to make some reasonable and rightful decisions on the way down the road (and simply down) to avoid the cataclysm. On the other hand, the dynamics of the processes accelerates all the time, we can see this around, and this sort of threshold that will cause more revolutionary changes can come even likely than it seems presently. But this is less likely scenario. There are far more arguments in favor of the development when all these changes will be damped down further and further, until the situation becomes irreversible from many perspectives, and new quality will originate, and it may happen even relatively peacefully.