Curing fungus infection of nails


Yuri K. Shestopaloff

Curing Fungus Infection of Nails

ISBN 9780987778598,

LCCN 2013902708

Subject: Health, healing 54 p., 2013, English, New, Soft cover, format 5x8


Annotation. This book tells about the method of how to get rid of both fingernail and toenail fungus infection. The cost depends on how many nails are affected by fungus. For 2-3 nails, the price could be few tens of dollars (roughly $23 for antifungal cream and $8 for the adhesive tape). The idea of the method is first to remove parts of nails damaged by the fungus infection, destroy fungus by antifungal cream and then guard nails from reoccurrence of infection until they completely grow up. The following accessories are used: adhesive tape, scissors (for cutting adhesive tape), manicure cutters for cutting nails, and, in some rare cases, iodine. Treatment takes about the same time which is required for nails to grow. It is not completely pain and blood free, although the pain is rather minimal and actually can be largely eliminated using procedures and precautions discussed in this book. The method worked well for the author, but people are different, so that the author cannot guarantee that it will work for others as good, especially given the fact that methodís effectiveness directly depends on the accuracy and regularity of discussed procedures. The book presents 19 colour photos, illustrating the method, and detailed explanations of required procedures.


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