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Curing Fungus Infection of Nails
Y. Shestopaloff
AKVY Press
5077 NW 125 Ave.
Coral Springs, Florida
9780987778598 $14.95


Curing Fungus Infection of Nails is a straightforward, how-to guide of the procedure that author Y. Shestopaloff used on himself, rather than take an expensive doctor's prescription that carried a risk of liver dysfunction. Shestopaloff is a biologist, not a medical professional, but his method is direct, simple, and worked for him. "The main idea of the method is first to remove infection, and then guard nails from recurrence of infection until nails completely grow back... I used anti-fungus cream (terbinafine hydrochloridae 1% cream), two types of adhesive tape, scissors (for cutting adhesive tape), manicure cutters for cutting nails, and in some rare cases, iodine. Persistence is a prerequisite too." Curing Fungus Infection of Nails walks the reader step-by-step through the process of removing infected fingernails toenails, and keeping the afflicted digits securely wrapped with tape until the nails have grown back in full, with full color photographs for emphasis. Methods for keeping one's shoes thoroughly disinfected, and recommendations for prevention (such as never walking barefoot in a public area with water, like the side of a pool) are also covered. Although Curing Fungus Infection of Nails should not replace consulting one's physician, its practical-minded advice will prove useful to anyone coping with or seeking to prevent this all-too-common infection, and especially for individuals who cannot take certain antifungal medications due to liver problems or other issues.

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