In The Mountains


Yuri K. Shestopaloff

In the Mountains

"The Roads We Take" series, ISSN 1925-296X

ISBN 9780981380056,

LCCN 2010941986

Translated by Vanessa Bittner,

Edited by Yuri K. Shestopaloff and Alexander Shestopaloff

Novel, 120 p., 2011, English, New, Soft cover

For all ages above 10.

The book received very good and grateful first round readers’ reviews.


Annotation. The story tells about real events. A group of six mountaineers explores the high altitude region of Tuva, the mountain area on the border of Mongolia and Russia. Unexpectedly, for this time of the year, the temperatures drop sharply and the weather brings snow storms and bitter cold. However, the group decides to stay on their route. The adventure brings troubles for some of its participants, but eventually they manage to get through. This is a story about what makes a difference in life and achievements of people. The narrative is discreet and measured, sometimes with humor, but the thrill and tension are beating underneath, which makes the reading emotional and dramatic.

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