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In the Mountains (The Roads We Take) (Paperback)
The drive and determination of people sometimes cannot be deterred by the might of nature. "In the Mountains" is a telling of true events of six mountaineers who travel the border between Russia and Mongolia, and face the harshness of the winter temperatures that could very easily turn fatal. With a bit of humor and dedication to life's drive, "In the Mountains" is a fine read for those seeking stories of true adventure.

From the Publisher


This story is about real adventure. In it, like through revealing magnifying glass, we can see how social and individual characters of participants define their behaviour and interrelationships in extreme situation, and eventually success or failure of the whole group. Vivid and emotional description of wild mountainsí beauty makes the reader direct participant of the events. The story inspire readers for high life achievements, proves that they are possible.

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reviewed by Stefan Vucak for Readers Favorite

Five trekkers and their guide set off on a 200-kilometer trek through the mountains of Tuva in Russia near the Mongolian border. Riding in an open truck through a coal-mining town, they arrive at their starting point covered in coal dust. After washing themselves with snow, they set off. The first day takes them through a forest until they reach the treeline. Not clothed properly, their equipment inadequate, they face sub-zero temperatures, rugged climbing and frostbite. The guide turns out to be less than competent, landing them in trouble a number of times. When one of the members comes down with severe foot frostbite, Yuri helps him reach safety, while the others continue their trek.
In this short work the reader is taken into a rugged environment and exposed to spectacular natural beauty. The book provides a glimpse into the nature of mountain trekking and the consequences of not being prepared. The work is a nice blend of scenic narrative and a window into the characters who undertake such journeys. This would have made a great drama had the author expanded on the personalities and emotional conflicts of the participants. Nevertheless, this is a very good read.
The author, Yuri K. Shestopaloff, has a mastery for evocative imagery, dragging the reader into his world. One can almost feel the cold and ice, the majesty of towering peaks and plunging valleys. "In the Mountains" is a diverting excursion into harsh trekking. Vanessa Bittner has complemented the authorís efforts with skilful translation.

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