Never Defeated: The Frigate Constitution


Never Defeated: The Frigate Constitution

by Nicholas Orloff


ISBN 978-0-9877785-3-6

Library of Congress Control Number:  2012935144



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The War of 1812 breaks out. The Yankee freedom is at stake. Live free or die decide the frigate Constitution’s crew led by Captain Hull. Without given orders they dare to challenge an English frigate. In a severe battle she surrenders to Yankee courage and seamanship.
While turning over the pages, you will share the hard life of American sailors and breathe the sea-air. A mosaic of real people and their lives in the whirlpool of War will open to your eyes: the black boy, sacrificing his chance to escape to save his dying white friend, an incredible Captain Hull’s love-story as we all only dream of, seamen working above human limits and not giving the Constitution up to the British squadron… You will feel as proud as the ones who fought for the American freedom…


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Look at the history with love and appreciation

This book is educational, inspirational and easy to read. It tells the story of how ordinary people become heroes when faced with exceptional circumstances. Read more

Published 12 days ago by Joel Wisher


An Historical Treat

Nicholas Orloff created an historical treat. This book should be a recommend read for anyone studying or interested in American History. Read more

Published 17 days ago by Mary Hale


`Old Ironsides'

Nicholas Orloff has written one of the better historical novels. It is aimed at teenagers, but all ages could read or listen to it, with perhaps the exception of the very young... Read more

Published 19 days ago by wogan


The history worth recalling

The book immerses reader into the events of the very first victory of the American Navy. It is well researched and diligently


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