Readers’ comments about Yuri K Shestopaloff’s stories

(listed on the back cover of the book)

We liked the story: the plot, the dynamics, and a visually accurate reflection of the events.
the story "Morning")

Thank you for "Ranetki" – the apples turned out to be straight from the tree of knowledge!

      Sergei and Elena

I read this story with interest. I still live near the Irtysh.
Thank you for the nice story and memories, they are also about my childhood.

      Pavlov S. A. of the story "Night on the Irtysh"

"Night on the Irtysh" uncovers the map of life. No matter how many blank spots remain on this map… this is the way in which we discover it anew. Feelings always ... connect us with something. This very connection is the life itself.

      Litvinavichyus, Vilius of the story "Night on the Irtysh"

Great story! I read it by accident and did not regret it. Short, clear, interesting and unusual.

Wonderful! Good and evil, greed and justice, the desire for freedom and the will to win.

Excellent story. In the best tradition. Great reflection of how the main character perceives the world. Persuasive sincerity. It is not only a story with a lesson, but more. By reading this story, we travel back to childhood, in the time and space. It was interesting and pleasant to read this story.

       Guest Readers ( about the story "Ranetki"

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