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About the Author

Doctor of Sciences Yuri K. Shestopaloff universally and successfully applies his skills of Physicist and Mathematician to modeling of natural phenomena in different areas. Results of his studies are published in reputable scientific journals. He is the author of well over hundred articles and 17 books. Recent articles are published in:


15. Journal of Experimental Biology (2016). Metabolic allometric scaling model. Combining cellular transportation and heat dissipation constraints. 219, 2481-2489.
14. Biophysical Reviews and Letters (2015). Why cells grow and divide? General growth mechanism and how it defines cells' growth, reproduction and metabolic properties. 10(4), 209-256.

13. PLoS ONE (2014) "Method for finding metabolic properties..."

12. PLoS ONE (2014) "Modeling growth of organs. Liver example"

11. Acta Biotheoretica (2013), DOI 10.1007/s10441-013-9202-8)

10. Journal of Performance Measurement" (2013, V. 18, No. 1 p. 33-48), "Choosing the right solution of IRR equation ..."

9. Biophysical Reviews and Letters (Predicting growth and finding biomass production) ( 2012, No.3-4, p. 177-195)

8. Journal of Performance Measurement" (2012 Fall issue, p. 41-52), "Conceptual framework for developing and verification of attribution models..."

7. Biophysical Reviews and Letters, (General growth law) (No. 1-2, 2012, p. 71-120) Free download

6. International Journal of Biomathematics (2011),

5. Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics  (2011),

4. International Journal of Electronics  (2011),

3. Applied Optics (Applied Optics, 2011, Vol. 50, Iss. 36, pp. 6606-6616),

2. Biophysical Reviews and Letters  (2010),

1. Journal of Performance Measurement (2011, two articles)


Some of the articles received awards. In 2015, together with A. Y. Shestopaloff, received Dietz Award from the Journal of Performance Measurement. One of his major scientific achievements is the discovery of the general growth and reproduction mechanism, which is actually a fundamental law of Nature. This fundamental law imposes constraints to which biochemical mechanisms have to comply, and thus organisms proceed through their growth and life cycles. The general growth law universally governs evolutionary development, growth of all individual living organisms and their constituents. It is also responsible for the balanced growth of organs and systems within the same multicellular organism.


Author's Background

Yuri K. Shestopaloff started his career as an Applied Mathematician and Engineer-Physicist. He received his M.Sc (Engineer-Physicist), PhD degrees from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, focusing on developing mathematical methods and algorithms for data interpretation. Dr. Sci degree was granted for developing mathematical methods for remote sensing data processing and interpretation and for the development of remote sensing and navigation systems. He has worked as Associate Professor, Full Professor and Chair at Electrical Engineering Department of Academy of Transport. Simultaneously, he held position of Chief Scientist at Institute of Sensor Microelectronics of Russian Academy of Sciences.

He does consulting and research on mathematical modeling and computational algorithms in various fields of science and technology, and also consults on system design issues. He published seventeen professional books and over one hundred academic articles on physics, biology, remote sensing, applied mathematics, financial mathematics, wave propagation theory, optics.

His literary achievements include rhythmic and melodic poetry with thoughtful content, and short stories, published in periodical magazines and also as separate books, including stories translated to English. Reviews of verses and stories by readers and review media are very positive.

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