The Nonlinear Quantum Field  Theory ...


Alexander G. Kyriakos

The Nonlinear Quantum Field Theory as a Generalization of Standard Model (Geometrical Approach), 2009, 164 p.

ISBN 978-0-9809667-4-9    LCCN 2009510703

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The author proposes a special nonlinear quantum field theory. In a linear approximation, this theory can be presented in the form of the Standard Model (SM) theory. The richer physical structure of this nonlinear theoryxe "nonlinear theory" makes it possible to exceed the limits of SM and remove its known incompleteness. We show that nonlinearity of the field is critical for the appearance of charges and masses of elementary particles, for confinementxe "confinement" of quarks, and many other effects, whose description within the framework of SM causes difficulties. In this case, the mechanism of generation of masses is mathematically similar to Higgs's mechanism, but it is considerably simpler and does not include the additional particles. The proposed theory does not examine the theory of gravity, but reveals the mathematical similarity of the nonlinear field equations of both theories. The book is intended for undergraduate and graduate students studying the theory of elementary particles, as well as for specialists working in this field.

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