Yuri K. Shestopaloff

Growth as a Union of Form and Biochemistry. How the Unity of Geometry and Chemistry Creates Living Worlds through Fundamental Law of Nature - the General Growth Law

978-1-927731-00-0   (9781927731000)  (Fourth Revised Edition, 2014) 458 pages

This book presents studies of growth mechanisms. It introduces the general growth law, which is a fundamental law of Nature. As a fundamental law, it acts in entire Universe. It is this law that creates inter-terrestrial life in any part of Universe once appropriate conditions occur. This law universally governs evolutionary development and individual growth and replication of all living organisms, at different scale levels, from cells and cellular components to organs, organisms' systems and whole organisms. The general growth law is also that previously unknown high level mechanism that secures balanced growth of different organs and systems within the same organism. The study relates and connects numerous aspects of growth and replication, which previously were considered to be unrelated fragments, into a single coherent phenomenon governed by a fundamental law of Nature - the general growth law. It was discovered that the answer to the growth puzzle and life origin in general is in the unity of geometrical and biochemical mechanisms, in which geometry leads the game. This should be expected, since our world is nothing else but space (described by geometry), which is filled with matter, described by the physical and chemical laws. It turned out that geometrical characteristics of an organism uniquely define the distribution of nutritional resources between maintenance needs and biomass synthesis. In turn, the amount of synthesized biomass defines composition of biochemical reactions. Thus, during growth, combined changes in an organismís geometry cause changes in distribution of nutrient influx between biomass synthesis and maintenance, which accordingly changes the composition of biochemical reactions in such a way that organisms progress through the whole growth cycle. In addition, the book significantly advances the subject of population growth. The material is well presented. Any person interested in the subject will understand the introduced concepts, which is much facilitated by numerous graphical illustrations and numerical examples.

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