Elementary Functions and Equations. Second Edition


Yuri K. Shestopaloff

Elementary Functions and Equations. Modeling Natural Phenomena.

Second Revised Edition, 2018, 300 p.


ISBN 978-1-927731-07-9  (9781927731079)   

As the previous book, the revised version introduces properties of elementary functions and equations with regard to their geometrical, physical and, in some instances, philosophical interpretation. The author shows why and how these functions can be used for developing adequate models of natural phenomena, systems and processes. The present mathematical approaches often underestimate the importance of relationships of mathematical concepts and constructs with geometry and physical reality. We live in an inherently geometrical world; all our knowledge came from a three-dimensional space, which is directly or intermittingly applied to all problems humans deal with. Even if we consider higher than three dimension spaces, we still generalize our experience from 3-D world. The material presents both fundamental concepts and examples of particular applications, which can be used for mathematical modeling of different phenomena in diverse areas - physics, biology and many other applications, which rely on quantitative approaches and statistical and mathematical modeling. The prerequisite for understanding the book is a familiarity with the first year algebra and calculus courses (first and second order derivatives is probably the most advanced thing the reader should know).


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