Growth and Replication of Cells ...


Yuri K. Shestopaloff

Growth and Replication of Cells and Other Living Organisms. Fundamental Physical Mechanisms that Govern Nature's Evolvement (2-d revised edition)

ISBN 978-0-9809667-1-8

This book studies the role of physical mechanisms in the growth and replication of living organisms. Presently, these phenomena are overwhelmingly considered as biological, genetic, and biochemical, which is much true. However, natural phenomena exist in a real world that does not have purely physical or biological boundaries, which subjectively imposed by excessive human desire for classification and clustering of everything. Physical laws influence such universal phenomena as growth and replication too. The book presents an interesting hypothesis, and its convincing proofs, with regard to existence of such fundamental physical mechanisms shaping the organismsí growth and replication. It introduces a general mathematical equation of the growth of living organisms, illustrated by numerical examples. The material is presented in such a way that it is accessible to any person interested in the subject.

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