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What are the most important conditions for the progress in any human endeavor? Equality of opportunities, freedom to speak, discuss, make and implement the decision that is optimal for the participants and their society. Modern science is organizationally as much a human enterprise as any other, with all human sins and dignities. It might take years to publish a scientific paper today, while many journals, in fact, belong to a small group of people but not to a scientific community as a whole. Such situation does not promote diversity of opinions and discussions. AKVY Press has been started for those who want to say more and quicker than professional publications allow. However, scientists can have scientific opinion not only about science. And this is the way AKVY Press continues to evolve.


Presently, we publish books on mathematics, economics and financial mathematics, mathematical modeling in biology, physics of elementary particles and modeling of natural phenomena in general. We also started a series of books on political and societal issues considered from the historical and philosophical perspective. The audience includes academics, industry practitioners, professionals, undergraduate and graduate students, and all people interested in science. We also offer literary writings - short stories, travel adventures, poems and verses. Genre is not really important, the criterion is that the book should be of a high quality, socially responsible and interesting.




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