Mortgages and Annuities: an Introduction


Yuri K. Shestopaloff

Mortgages and Annuities: an Introduction, 2010, 206 p.

Library binding, 6 x 9

ISBN 978-0-9809667-8-7        LCCN 2009529784

This book presents the mathematical foundations of mortgages and annuities. Starting from scratch, the reader, together with the author, builds a solid, efficient and complete knowledge base. Concise and carefully arranged material presents both the necessary theoretical underpinnings of the subject as well as its practical aspects. Lots of numerical examples, exercises and problems contribute to producing a high quality text. Undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of disciplines, from financial mathematics to investments, as well as teachers, professors, and industry specialists will find this book an invaluable educational and practical resource.


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