Midwest Book Review wrote about the previous book, which content has been substantially revised and elaborated in two chapters of this new book: "very highly recommended reading for advanced mathematics students and academia".

Edotorial review, AKVY Press
The book builds the bridge between the rigorous but seamless and easy to comprehend presentation of mathematical aspects of these elementary functions, and practical applications of related mathematical methods to modeling of different phenomena. The book presents some important discoveries related to fundamental properties of these functions and their interrelationships, introduces several new concepts and demonstrates their application to solving practical particular problems. The author s primary emphasis is to show how the presented mathematical methods are related to reality, physical and social phenomena. He shows, using numerous examples, how to model certain physical and societal processes. In many instances, starting from simple problems, he demonstrates how to make far reaching generalizations from the seemingly obvious assumptions. This part, the right and efficient application of mathematical methods to practical problems from the methodological and scientific perspectives, is often missed in the literature. This book certainly fills this gap, although, as the author acknowledges, much more to be done in order to make mathematics an efficient everyday tool, but not the occupation for small and closed


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