About the journal "Thoughts"

For the last several years, myself (Yuri Shestopaloff) and Alexander Kyriakos publish an on-line journal "Mysli" (which means "Thoughts") in Russian. The on-line journal "Thoughts" is an English variant of a similar on-line journal. However, the material is different from the Russian edition. The common denominator is that it is written by the same people, which, obviously, exercise about the same philosophy towards the selection of material and methods of analysis. Probably, the most characteristic feature of this site (at least, this is an intention at the moment), its main value, is a presentation of both methods of analysis of different phenomena, as well as the material itself. Often, the material serves rather as an illustration of how to analyze this or that phenomenon. What kind of methods we are talking about? Well, we are scientists, and so we try to exercise proven analytical and synthetic scientific approaches and common sense as much as possible. It is difficult to be objective all the time, but nonetheless, the beacon of truth and the desire to understand the world is what directs these writings. Why do we emphasize the objectivity of knowledge?  Maybe it is not as important? Truth never was a priority in this world, and look, it is still here and somehow functions. The problem is with this "somehow". The world could be a better place to live if we could make better decisions. However, how can one make good optimal decisions if there is no objective trustful information? So, adhering to objective presentation and comprehensive analysis is a principal consideration. This is a foundation of progress, the soil in which this tree has to grow. Bad soil never produces good trees and consequently fruits.

    On the other hand, it should be made clear that narrow minded notion of truth can bring not less harm than lies. Why is it so? History presents lots of examples when noble but naive intentions were used against the idea the truth was supposed to defend, by intentional mangling and wrong interpretation of what was said. Often, such a truth, being twisted and used by unscrupulous people, brings severe harm to the society or country whose representative, and often even a patriot, told that truth. So, as with any other phenomenon and endeavor, the implications should be considered first, and certain safeguards to be made in order for the somebody's desire to "bring light" was not used for bad purposes. Sometimes, it is better not to speak than give a weapon to somebody, who will use it for the wrong cause. I am pretty sure that in the future issues such aspects will be considered in more detail and supported by examples. For this introductory note, which is unlikely often be read, what was said is sufficient. In the excellent book "The Epic of Latin America", written by an intelligent and wise man John Crow, he says that the historical analysis is always much easier in hindsight than in foresight. At the moment, writing these lines, I do not see much in the dusk of the future regarding this journal. Maybe it will stick around for some time, or maybe it will cease to exist after few issues. Nobody knows for sure. We can speak of future events only with some probability, which is a principal consideration. (In fact, this is the law of nature, that cannot be overridden). So, we will see.

    Many people, willingly or unwillingly, contributed to the idea of starting this English version of "Thoughts". Many, in one way or another, helped with publishing journal issues. I would like to especially thank my sons Alexander and Konstantin for discussions, sharing their thoughts, and Alexander's editorial and proof-reading efforts.

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