We do consulting through the company SegmentSoft Inc. We consult on developing mathematical methods and algorithms for data interpretation and data processing for business, high-tech and scientific applications. Computational algorithms and their efficient software implementation is another area of expertise, and many companies benefited already from it. Specifically, we design and implement high performance server applications and computational software libraries, for instance, investment performance management applications, trading systems. The specifics of this kind of systems is the necessity to process huge (and I mean huge) volumes of data, including real time information. The reliability and efficiency of implemented software applications are very good, and all applications, without any exception, have been deployed in production environments.

Tables of contents of books will give you an idea what kind of mathematical methods and algorithms we can develop or improve, or what kind of systems we can design and implement. On the other hand, the prospective clients should understand the main benefit they will get working with us. All real phenomena, including business or research projects, are principally multifactor entities, which successful completion and the following life cycle depends on the ability to take into account all meaningful factors. And this what we are really good at. We design, develop, built and fit all pieces together in a way it should be done, in the most optimal and efficient manner. In other words, we simply do the job.