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The site presents two streams of activity . First, it reflects on professional occupation of the author, which is consulting on mathematics and computational algorithms, mathematical modeling, project development and book writing. The thematic of books includes mathematical modeling in different areas, such as biology, remote sensing, wave propagation theory, statistics, societal organization.  The author also wrote several books on financial mathematics, pure and applied mathematics, software development, and natural philosophy. Details can be found on the appropriate pages which you can access through the links on the left. In 2015, The Journal of Performance Measurement awarded Yu. K. Shestopaloff and A. Yu. Shestopaloff with Dietz Award, which is presently the main industry award for works in financial mathematics, related to investment performance measurement, for the article "Choosing the right solution of IRR equation to measure investment success."


The second stream is not independent on the author's professional activity. It includes more diverse themes picked up on different occasions. This is a continuation of the author's numerous writings on a wide variety of topics in Russian, extended into the domain of English language. In Russian, the thematic includes politics, philosophy, moral and ethical issues, societal evolvement and its modern trends, etc. The Russian version of the site also includes verses, poems, stories and novels. The English version presents this area on a minor scale.

So, welcome to the site, and I hope your visit won't be waste of time!






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